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Oakland Cemetery, just three blocks east of Rice St., on Jackson st., is Saint Paul's oldest cemetery. It is the resting place of many of the city's and state's original developers, including Henry Rice, Henry Sibley, Alexander Ramsey, Norman Kittson and Amherst Wilder.

Rice Street North End

Located immediately north of downtown Saint Paul, and adjacent to the Capitol area, the Rice Street neighborhood continues to be a popular business district.

The Rice Street area of Saint Paul, which begins just south of University Avenue and the state capitol, at I-94, and continues north to Larpenteur Avenue, is one of the city’s most historic areas. Named for Henry Rice, a prominent Saint Paul real estate developer, and one of the state’s first U.S. senators, the Rice Street area has a distinctly working-class feel.

Rice Street District Map

Located north of downtown Saint Paul, the Rice Street area in the late 1800s quickly became known as the North End. The railroad tracks that cross Rice Street, north of Como Avenue, and the historic Robin Hood Flour grain elevator (built in 1918), west of the railroad tracks, indicate the area’s origins as a rail and milling district. Since the 1800s, commercial buildings began to line Rice Street to meet a myriad of business interests, and are still one of the area’s most prominent features, even today.

The residents of the Rice Street area reflect the history and diversity of Saint Paul. In the 1800s, the area was originally settled by laborers, tradesmen and shopkeepers of British, Irish, German and Scandinavian heritage. Over time, Eastern and Southern Europeans also moved into the neighborhood. In the mid-1900s, a small population of African-Americans moved to the area. Most recently, Rice Street has become home to an increasingly significant number of Asian and Latino residents.

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