The Green Line Opens June 14th



On the Green Line

On the Green Line celebrates and supports all the businesses and business districts along the region’s newest light rail line, the Green Line.

Explore the many Green Line businesses and organizations in our Online Directory, or download the Green Line Visitors Guide.

Before you get your car’s oil changed somewhere else, check the directory first. Browse through it to find a great Thai restaurant for lunch, or when you need a haircut, or when you need to buy a new suit. Along the Green Line you should find just about anything you might need.

We think you’ll find that supporting Green Line businesses is the ultimate win/win — great products and services for you, and a needed boost for our local, hard-working business owners.


NAVIGATE THE GREEN LINE | Click on a district to learn more

West Bank Stadium Village Prospect Park Raymond Creative Enterprise Zone The Midway Historic Frogtown Historic Rondo Little Mekong Rice Street Lowertown Artist District