On the Green Line

There are hundreds of amazing restaurants – from Vietnamese and Thai to Somali, American and everything in between on the Green Line. You can shop for clothes, homes, pets and dinner! Get your hair cut, your nails done, your car fixed or your taxes completed. The list goes on and on!

And you can find your way to the myriad businesses and organizations in our handy Online Directory, where you can search by Business Name, Business District, Business Category, or what’s nearest any of the Green Line Stations. You can also download the Green Line Visitors Guide for additional information, maps, photos and more in one handy file.

The On the Green Line campaign began as a way to help get the word out to support the amazing businesses during construction. Well, construction is done and the trains are running, but the businesses are still as amazing as ever! Enjoy!



NAVIGATE THE GREEN LINE | Click on a district to learn more

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